Tufin Présente sa Nouvelle Solution Cloud Security

Tufin Présente sa Nouvelle Solution Cloud Security

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Tufin Iris permet aux organisations d’identifier les risques de sécurité du cloud et de garantir une conformité continue.

Tufin security policy orchestration

BOSTON – November 26, 2018 – Tufin®, the market-leading provider of Network Security Policy Orchestration solutions, announced its latest cloud-native solution, Tufin Iris. It enables cloud operations and IT security teams to gain visibility and control of security policies for cloud-based applications. Tufin Iris can integrate into DevOps pipelines to ensure continuous compliance and maintain business agility. Tufin Iris is currently available to early adopters who register for a trial online.

Until now

Organizations lacked visibility into their cloud environments and had little to no understanding how secure existing cloud resources and applications were. A tradeoff was being made: either circumvent security controls and take on risk, or rely on manual security reviews and compliance audits and sacrifice business agility. As a result, organizations are seeking solutions that combine the benefits of security policy controls with the automated approach of DevOps.

“Lack of visibility into cloud environments is one of the most pressing security challenges that organizations face,” said Jon Oltsik, senior principal analyst at ESG. “Security and cloud operations teams require cloud-native solutions that provide visibility and restore control without reducing business agility. Security policy automation extended to cloud platforms is the answer to that call.”

Tufin Iris

Offers organizations using public cloud environments increased visibility into potential connectivity risks of their cloud-based applications – automatically and at scale. At the same time, the solution will provide development teams the tools necessary to validate compliance with security policy before cloud applications are deployed.

“Organizations must have a solution that meets the unique security needs of cloud applications, without sacrificing the agility benefits of the cloud,” said Shay Dayan, CTO of Cloud Products at Tufin. “Tufin Iris provides the solution necessary to easily define security policies to protect cloud-native applications and resources, and the automation support DevOps needs to identify risks early in the development process. The result is two teams working together seamlessly while ensuring agility, security, and compliance.”

For customers with a complex, hybrid IT landscape, Tufin Iris will integrate with the award-winning Tufin Orchestration Suite. The combined solution will provide comprehensive security policy management across traditional and cloud-native environments, leading to an improved security posture.

Tufin Iris is now available through the early access program, which includes a free trial account and dedicated support. To sign up for the program, visit the website.

About Tufin (2SB)

Tufin® is the leader in Network Security Policy Orchestration for enterprise cybersecurity. More than half of the top 50 companies in the Forbes Global 2000 turn to Tufin to simplify management of some of the largest, most complex networks in the world, consisting of thousands of firewall and network devices and emerging hybrid cloud infrastructures. Enterprises select the company’s award-winning Tufin Orchestration Suite™ to increase agility in the face of ever-changing business demands while maintaining a robust security posture. The Suite reduces the attack surface and meets the need for greater visibility into secure and reliable application connectivity. Its network security automation enables enterprises to implement changes in minutes with proactive risk analysis and continuous policy compliance. Tufin serves over 2,000 customers spanning all industries and geographies; its products and technologies are patent-protected in the U.S. and other countries.

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